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Handmade Washi Experiments at Awagami Factory, Japan

Hand-woven cotton web stretched and coated with layers of diluted kozo pulp, forming translucent paper.  

In the Tokushima news!

Making Japanese paper “washi” at Awagami Factory, Japan

Pulp painting with hand-colored and pressed kozo pulp with watercolor. Source material found using Planet Explorer Data provided by Planet Labs, an Earth-imaging company.  

Artist-in-Residence at Awagami Factory

“Happiness is absorption.” -T.E. Lawrence

Embedding woven web into kozo plant pulp

Artist-in-Residence at Awagami Factory

Artist-in-Residence at Planet Labs

An epic three months as the artist-in-residence at Planet! Created 7 mixed media panels, 200 small paintings, 12 watercolors and etched artwork onto 4 satellites to be sent to space! Art goes to orbit Oct. 31st, 2017 – blast off!          

Final projects at Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts, Residency


Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts, Artist-in-Residence

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