APRIL 29, 2015: Art goes to SPACE

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APRIL 29, 2015: My artwork was flown to SPACE aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard flight. I always dreamed of getting my art to space and this is proof that you can dream BIG! The sky is NOT the limit.

Watch the launch HERE.

Our Humanity by Richelle Gribble

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Starting a series of hand-made books to spread messages of connection. This book examines how we need to look outside of ourselves to gain perspective internally.

light and satin experiments…


Experiments with digital prints, light and satin cloth. Oooh, the wonders of art making!




Considering microbes, airdrop, dna, microchips, and wifi…

Kala’s Spring Gala & Auction



I’m selling my print “Crowded” (framed) at Kala’s 2015 Auction and Gala.  If you would like to attend the event, go to this link to learn more.

Kala Art Institute


My new stomping grounds. First day as a 2015 Kala Fellow and Artist-in-residence in Berkley, Ca. Excited to work in the Art Sales department at Kala Gallery as well.

“Beginner’s Guide to Collecting Art” at Fredrick Holmes Gallery


Learning first-hand tips for art collecting among art collectors, gallery owners, and art enthusiasts in Seattle. Very informative and a great night! Thank you!

Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition – Networked Life



Prints! Prints! Prints!


Mailed out 50 original prints today along with 2 original artworks for the Scriptor Awards Art Auction. Biggest edition yet!

Interview for small documentary series


Stay tuned for a short video about my experience learning about art to learn through art.

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