Distinguishable from Magic, Virtual Exhibition


SciArt Center presents “Distinguishable from Magic,” a current virtual art show about how technology has changed what it means to be human. It is now live!! Featuring the work of 12 SciArt Center members, view the show live online HERE!!!

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is

indistinguishable from magic.” 

– Arthur C. Clarke

Kala Artist’s Annual Exhibition – Opening Reception



Opening Reception of Kala’s Artist Annual at Kala Gallery on Thursday, Dec. 17th! Beautiful show up until March 26, 2016! My drawing Intertwined-4 is on view (bottom image, second drawing on the left).

Kala Artist’s Annual Exhibition, Berkeley, CA

Kala Artists’ Annual Exhibition
December 17, 2015 – March 26, 2016

Gallery Hours: Tue-Fri, 12-5:00pm; Sat, 12-4:30pm
Gallery location:
2990 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702

Fresh work in a variety of media by Kala’s community of artists. The exhibition reflects the diverse Kala community with a juried exhibition of prints, photographs, paintings, drawings, videos, mixed media works, and sculpture.

New prints aquired, Kala Art Collection


These prints are newest additions to the Kala Art Collection. Includes a monotype, Cosmic Splatter, and a multicolored etching, Anthill.

Solo Exhibition, Gallery 111, Sausalito, CA


It’s a wrap! Thank you to all of the people who came out for the reception and Artist Talk. Guests discussed interconnectivity in their own life and offered great tips for future projects…converting drawings into puzzles, making immersive environments, and making things BIGGER. These new works and feedback from gallery visitors opens me up to new ideas and projects to explore. ICBAA, thank you for your support, friendship, and creativity!

ICB Art Association, Artist-in-Residence, Gallery 111


Just finished a month long residency at ICB Art Association in Sausalito, CA. My studio was a large gallery workspace and I developed a series of paintings and drawings inspired by The Overview Effect and the ways our social, biological, environmental, and technological networks are closely intertwined. Here are some photos from the studio!

IMG_5948 IMG_1619

Bridge Residency – SciArt Center, NYC


Just had our meeting #2 for SciArt Center‘s Bridge Residency with my partner and nuerobiologist Dana Simmons and SciArt founder, Julia Buntaine! Follow us as we collaborate on science-art! For the next several months, Dana and I will share weekly updates about our collaboration and projects on our BLOG-Group 2.


Images above include: Dana’s neuron compared to various images I’ve collected including tree roots, coral, cracked concrete, aerial view of deltas and streams, social media map of friends. This content will be incorporated into new artworks in progress.

Fellowship Artist Talk, Kala Gallery


My 6-month art residency is wrapping up.  Join me for a talk on Sept. 26, to discuss our interdependence in a connected world. Free coffee and donuts to.

Bridge Residency Program – SciArt Center of New York


SO excited to be selected for the SciArt Center’s Bridge Residency Program, NYC! I will collaborate with Dana Simmons, Ph.D candidate in Neurobiology at Chicago University, to explore neuroscience and micro/macro systems. I wonder what we will learn and make!

NO DEAD ARTISTS – Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans, LA



JONATHAN FERRARA GALLERY is pleased to announce the 19th Annual NO DEAD ARTISTS International Juried Exhibition. The exhibition’s name is derived from the old adage that artists never achieve success until they are dead. NO DEAD ARTISTS turns that notion on its head and gives emerging artists their first break in the art world. Of the approximate 2,500 artworks submitted to this jury by over 500 artists worldwide, only 12 artists were selected to exhibit works. Comprised of painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, conceptual, installation, and cutting-edge, digital mediums, NO DEAD ARTISTS is an exhibition known for a great diversity in media but with a cohesive cross-section of the pulse of Contemporary Art.

Exhibition Dates: Sept. 2 – Sept. 26, 2015

Jurors include: Max Fishko, director of Art Market Productions (Miami Project, Seattle Art Fair, Art Market San Francisco, etc.); Valerie Cassell Oliver, senior curator at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston; David Workman, an active member and supporter of numerous museums, artist collectives and arts organizations.

Press Release Here!

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