Prepping for a SOLO Exhibition!


Letting a series of 26 collage panels cure after pouring resin on the surface. They look great – crystal clear and vibrant! All for display at a solo show at Lynnwood Gallery in Washington.

ICB Artist Association – Residency


More news! Just secured my next residency at ICB Artist Association (ICBAA) in Sausalito, CA where I will work for 1 month starting mid-September. I will make new works for display at Gallery 111. It’s been a busy time – I am making A LOT of new work and I cannot wait to share it with you.

4Culture Grant for Art/Science Works


Exciting news everybody! I just received a grant to develop new art/science projects for several pop-up exhibitions in Seattle, WA. Thank you 4Culture for your support. I can’t wait to get started on this. Art + Science = Wonder

Honorable Mention Award – Pacific Art League of Palo Alto


What a great surprise. Received the Honorable Mention award at the Pacific Art League PRESSED: A Printmaking Exhibition and sold another print! Today was a good day.

PRESSED: A Printmaking Exhibition


Hi everybody!

Pacific Art League of Palo Alto
PRESSED: A Printmaking Exhibition
Opening Reception (TOMORROW) @ 5:30pm – 8pm
June 5th – June 25th

*** I was just notified I received one of three Honorable Mention awards at this juried group show. Just a reminder to keep working!! As my mentor Xavier Fumat would say, “get back to work!.” I will post photos of the exhibition soon. Thanks for following and supporting what I do!

APRIL 29, 2015: Art goes to SPACE

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 3.35.35 PM


11173334_854173737986252_4334961136448322851_n  11193279_854173734652919_6911609085138062368_n-1

APRIL 29, 2015: My artwork was flown to SPACE aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard flight. I always dreamed of getting my art to space and this is proof that you can dream BIG! The sky is NOT the limit.

Watch the launch HERE.

Our Humanity by Richelle Gribble

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Starting a series of hand-made books to spread messages of connection. This book examines how we need to look outside of ourselves to gain perspective internally.

light and satin experiments…


Experiments with digital prints, light and satin cloth. Oooh, the wonders of art making!




Considering microbes, airdrop, dna, microchips, and wifi…

Kala’s Spring Gala & Auction



I’m selling my print “Crowded” (framed) at Kala’s 2015 Auction and Gala.  If you would like to attend the event, go to this link to learn more.

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