Dear President @ South Bay Contemporary Museum










Dear President:
An art show about important American Issues
January 14 – February 19, 2017
January 14, 4-7 pm Artists’ Reception,
February 2, 6-9 pm,  First Thursday Art Walk,
February 19, 3-5 pm,  Artist Talk.

Dear President is an art exhibition corresponding with the presidential inauguration in January 2017. The artwork being shown touches on issues that face our country. The art will be displayed along with the artists’ letters to the president as a statement. All the artwork and letters will be combined into a catalog that will be mailed out to Washington DC to the President, other representatives and the press. The catalog will also be available to order for purchase.

Artists have an unexpected way of contributing to the conversation through their unique visual interpretations. They bring a sensitivity and perspective to the issues through emotional expression, abstraction, visualization, humor, and parody. These works of art seek to create and communicate a collective narrative, articulating who we are, where we come from, what we stand for and what we are against.

Some of America’s major issues will be addressed in the exhibition such as: Money in Politics, Climate Change, Military Quagmires, Women’s Reproductive Rights, Education, Polarization (Cultural divisiveness), Inequality (social and economic), Gun Control, Immigration, Military Spending, GMO, Fracking, Space, Drug Policy, Welfare, Criminal Justice, and more…

Neutra Institute Gallery & Museum – Group Show

15370154_554457408092976_1094409941970354510_oNeutra Institute Gallery & Museum
New Year, New Art
Silver Lake, CA
Opening Reception: January 7, 2017, 6-10pm

Artists : Rene Farkas, Jason Bud, Kristine Augustyn, Suzanne Gibson, Scott Froschauer, Rajiv Khilnani, Robert Costanza, Richelle Gribble, Michael Sheehan, Echo Lew, Susan Lizotte, Chuka Susan Chesney, Toby Wilkins and more!


Miami Project 5



1 – 4 December
6625 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach
Jonathan Ferrara Gallery is delighted to return to Miami for the seventh consecutive year for Art Basel Miami Beach and fourth year at Miami Project Art Fair. The gallery’s booth presentation consists of a comprehensive cross-section of JFG’s programme. Exhibiting artists include: E2 – Kleinveld & Julien, Richelle Gribble, Bonnie Maygarden, Ti-Rock Moore, Adam Mysock,Michael Pajon, Anastasia PeliasNikki Rosato, Peter Sarkisian, Rosemary Scott-Fishburn, Paul Villinski and Monica Zeringue.  JFG’s booth has already been highlighted as one of the stand-out presentations at the fair by BLOUIN ARTINFO, who also named Miami Project 5 as one of the top 7 must-see satellite fairs.

Byte of Science: Web of Life, Venice, CA

Byte of Science 🔬Thanks to everybody who came out to this event. We looked at bees, trees, bacteria, and swarms to understand our Web of Life, emergence and what is possibly considered a new science and movement inspired by Frijov Capra’s The System’s View Of Life: A Unified Vision. Thanks Hamed Mirzaei for organizing! Excited to be the new VP of Arts at the Hamed Mirzaei Foundation For Arts & Sciences


Visiting Artist at Center for Collaborative Creativity (the HIVE), Pamona College
























Discussed emergence, networks, and hive-mind at the Rick and Susan Sontag Center for Collaborative Creativity (the HIVE) located at Pamona College, serving the 5C’s. Students and staff created individual drawings which when installed together creates a complete picture of bees, a known superorganism. This workshop intends to reveal how collaboration generates emergence to form a new and unified form created by the efforts of many, much like the colony effect of bees in a hive.

Visiting Artist at UCLA


Got to be the Visiting Artist at UCLA Broad Art Center last week. We discussed collage, layers, process, and art fundamentals. We did a Collage Workshop introducing digital collage as a medium and brainstorming method for drawing and painting. Thank you Camella Daeun Kim for the invitation 🙂

Aluminaria, Group Exhibition

14542581_1213199312083691_1086890538488100352_oGroup show “Alumnaria” currently on view at Idyllwild Arts Parks Exhibition Center Sept. 23 – Oct. 15, 2016. This show features work from 12 selected alumni of Idyllwild Arts Academy including Richelle Gribble , Kyle Thomas,Shepard Fairey and Nate Lowman.

Little Town, Big Art – The Atlantic


My work + projects at my art residency @ Tides Institute & Museum of Art was published in The Atlantic!
Read the article HERE!

The Trees Inside Our Brain


Now in print! The Trees Inside Our Brain by Richelle Gribble & Dana Simmons HERE!

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