From Neuron to Network Society

A Million to One, acrylic paint, NovaPlex on canvas, 36 x 54 inches, 2011 | SOLD
Swarm, acrylic paint on wood, 36 x 96 inches, 2011 | SOLD
Networks, the Vital Principle, acrylic paint,  photographs on canvas board (14 panels), 16 x 16 inches, 2011  | SOLD
Social Unit, ink on panel, 144 x 18 inches, 2011
Crowd Links, plastic figures, thread on canvas board, 36 x 36 inches, 2011 | SOLD
A Single Speck, acrylic, glitter on panel (3 panels), 24 x 24 inches, 2011
Population Studies, acrylic paint, plastic, fabric, oil pastel, ink, string, canvas on wood (6 panels), 7 x 9 inches, 2011

“To individuate the parts, there is more individuality within a context of similar individualities. How can an affinity be recognized if not through the establishment of relationships? Networks provide an identity to the parts of the system. We are built, life is built, organized and selected in the rhythms of the system’s relationships.”

– Ángela Delgado (Networks, The Vital Principle)

From Neuron to Network Society compares digital social networks to tangible relationships between people.  Works in exhibition include: a large continuos-line drawing of hundreds of people (Social Unit); mixed media panel with small figures interlaced with string (Crowd Links); a large painting (Swarm); a large painting of a sea of people (A Million to One); three mixed media panels (A Single Speck), six crowd paintings (Population Studies), and fourteen mixed media panels of network shapes (Networks, A Vital Principle).

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