Parts Per Million

Going Home, cardboard, acrylic paint, graphite on panel, 24.5 x 100 inches, 2011 | SOLD
A Tribute to Betsy Ross, acrylic on canvas, 10.5 x 10.5 inches (25 panels), 2010 | SOLD
X(n), acrylic on canvas & plastic on wood (6 panels), 35 x 41 inches, 2010
New West, acrylic and NovaPlex on canvas, 72 x 46 inches, (8 panels), 2010
From Above, paper, acrylic paint, NovaPlex on canvas, 24 x 70 inches, 2011
Round-Trip Ticket, acrylic on canvas mounted on panel, 5 x 12 inches, 2011

Parts per Million consists of multiple landscapes as seen from an aerial view perspective.  By revealing the ways that housing tracks, farmlands, roads, and rivers fragment the land below, it becomes clear how our lives are structured, networked, and joined.  This collection compares the identity of the individual relative to the collective body.  Works in exhibition: twenty-five small paintings (A Tribute to Betsy Ross, 1777), eight mixed media panels (Going Home), seven paintings (X(n)), large-scale painting (New West), large painting (From Above). 

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