Relativity Space

Relativity is a VC-backed startup reimagining the way orbital rockets are built and flown. Relativity is based in Los Angeles and recently acquired the large mixed media piece “Overview” by Richelle Gribble, from JONATHAN FERRARA GALLERY, as the centerpiece to their office. The piece helps establish Relativity’s brand as merging rockets, space, technology, and nature in a more organic, creative, iconic new approach to exploring Earth and the solar system.

Overview is a large-scale, mixed media painting inspired by the networks which shape and connect our planet. Inspired by author Frank White’s concept of the “overview effect,” this painting aims to create a renewed sensation of viewing Earth as if from space to more clearly see our interconnectivity from a new perspective. By merging biological, technological, and social systems across micro and macro timescales, artist Richelle Gribble suggests that we are evolving towards hive-like connectivity within a complex planetary society.

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